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From Kosmos Publishers we received ‘Franciens Cats Christmas Coloring Book to send’ to write a review about, for which we kindly thank them. [Klik hier voor Nederlands]

Franciens katten cover

Information from the internet:

In Francien’s Cats Christmas Coloring Book there are 12 postcards with winter scenery and the famous cats of Francien van Westering on each of them! On the backside of this postcard booklet are the original cats illustrations as a coloring example. Add color to Francien’s cats and make friends and family happy with a unique Christmas card!

francienskatten01_01 francienskatten01_02

What a lovely cards are this. I reviewed last year’s cats cards too and back then it was difficult to make a choice which one to color. Same this year! This time I’ve chosen three cards that I want to show you.

The first one was done with Polychromos by Faber Castell and they work wonderful on this paper. But in my opinion it wasn’t Christmassy enough, so I added some glitters with the Spectrum Noir Sparkle. For the finishing touch I’ve bought some glitter hairspray from Action (Dutch discount store) and standing in the garden I sprayed that on top of it. I really like the result and the Spectrum Noir did not bleed through.

francienskatten01_03 francienskatten01_04

Of course we’ll also show you the inside of this book with coloring cards.

As you can see one picture was taken by daylight, and the other by the light of the daylight lamp. That’s how it goes in the winter.

francienskatten03_01 francienskatten03_02

For second card I’ve chosen to work with Faber Castell Pitt Brush pens. Pens are not my specialty, but I wanted to show you that this also works very well on this paper. And the good thing is that it doesn’t bleed through. If you want to make a special effort before sending them you could also choose to laminate them first.


Despite my being not so good with pens, I’m satisfied with the result!

francienskatten02_01 francienskatten02_02

For the last one I’ve chose this sweet card. I can’t help it, but I’m always getting back to my Polychromos. From all three cards this is the one that satisfies me most. Too bad I colored the mous with grey and the Christmas balls with silver. The difference is hard to tell.

francienskatten02_03 francienskatten02_04

Now you tell me, isn’t this a cutie?

Are you excited to start coloring your own Christmas cards? Then order these cards now through by clicking here. The price for the cards is €7,99.

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