Review – Pandora – BBNC Publishers

A little while ago BBNC Publishers sent us the beautiful coloring book Pandora. The drawings are made by Kim Sun Hyun. The book measures about 27 x 25 cm and it’s got white paper. [Klik hier voor Nederlands]

Pandora - BBNC Uitgevers

Information from the internet:

A magical, mythical world full of strange creatures and dreamlike landscapes awaits you in this stunning coloring book. Leading art therapist Kim Sun Hyun understands the deep philosophy of using art to heal, focus, or simply escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life. In The Story of Pandora, animals wearing fancy clothes and plants and flowers full of magical powers sprawl across the pages for you to bring to life with your colored pencils, felt-tip pens, paints, or any other tool you choose. It’s a delicate, whimsical journey through a fairy-tale world that will leave you relaxed, comfortable, and convinced of the power of coloring.

For this review I’ve picked a design that was quite at the beginning of the book. The materials that I’ve used are two brands of colored pencils. The Prismacolor Premier and the Faber Castell Polychromos.

I’ve started with the rabbit. He reminded me a bit of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. Therefore his coat resembles that of Peter Rabbit. After that I started coloring the toadstools. I must say that blending with the colored pencils went very well, the paper was really suitable for that.

pandora 01 pandora 02

It wasn’t too easy to think of what colors to use for this design. But along the way while I was working on it, the inspiration started to flow. Slowly it all began to find its shape and the design’s atmosphere appeared.

pandora 03 pandora 04

pandora 05

After I had colored the grass, I felt the background was a bit dull compared to the rest. So I’ve thought about it for a while and finally decided to make the background black. Scary, since I’m always afraid that it will ruin my work.

With a black Posca marker I carefully started behind the toadstools and that seemed to work out pretty well. The big advantage of Posca markers is that it’s acrylic, which doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the page! So full of good cheer I’ve carried on with the rest.

pandora 06 pandora 07

And eventually when the whole background was black, I took some extra flowery stars and put them in the dark black night. I’ve glued them onto the paper with a Pritt glue stick. Now the darkness wasn’t such a big black hole anymore!

pandora 08

Pandora is a book full of beautiful designs. Would you like to start coloring yourself in this fairylike coloring book? Then you can now order it through (English version – € 14,38) or through BBNC (Dutch version – € 12,50).

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