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From BBNC I’ve received the coloring book Nature Mandalas to write a review about it. [Klik hier voor Nederlands].

Natuurmandala's cover

The book size is 30×30 cm and the pages are single-sided printed, so this allows you to use all kinds of materials without being afraid for bleed-through. But in order to protect the next page I would recommend to put a couple of paper sheets between the pages.

Information from the internet:

Nature Mandalas contains 35 beautiful mandalas inspired by nature. There are all kinds of natural figures to be found, going from flowers to plants, insects to animals. They’ve been designed by the talented artist Annemarie Vermaak, who offers a nice and easy way to be creative through her nature mandalas. From butterflies to peacocks and Koi, the lively and detailed illustrations offer you the possibility for using your imagination and freeing your inner artist. The mandalas are printed on extra firm paper and are single-sided printed, so you won’t have to worry about bleed-through.

In the video below you’ll see a flip-through this book so you can see the designs for yourself.

This mandala I’ve colored in with Spectrum Noir markers and Koh-I-Noor pastel pencil. The markers are alcohol markers and bleed through enormously. Because the pages are single-sided printed this is not a problem. BE AWARE: Always use a couple of paper sheets between the pages.

Natuurmandala's 11 - Karin's Kleurplaten

The next I’ve colored with several brands of felt tip pens and colored pencils, and pastel pencils. The brands I’ve used are: Faber Castell brush pens, Tombow dual brush pens, Koh-I-noor and Prismacolor pencils, and pastel pencils from Conté à Paris.

Natuurmandala's 04 - Karin's Kleurplaten

The third mandala is colored with Tombow Irojiten colored pencils. These are fairly hard pencils, but very suitable for this paper.

Natuurmandala's 03 - Karin's Kleurplaten

The fourth mandala I’ve colored with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor. These are difficult pencils in my opinion, so I had to use Gamsol (real odorless mineral spirit) for feathering the colors.

Natuurmandala's 02 - Karin's Kleurplaten

The last one was done under the guise of ‘budget coloring’. For this one I’ve used the cheaper colored pencils like Faber Castell Classic (school pencils), Color’Peps by Maped, pastel pencils by Bruynzeel and Stabilo, and water-soluble pencils by BIC and Stabilo. These brands all did a great job on the paper.

Natuurmandala's 01 - Karin's Kleurplaten

Did the beautifully colored mandalas by Karin convince you and would you like to buy Nature Mandalas yourself? Then click here and order this beautiful coloring book for € 12,50.

We thank Karin for her time and effort in writing this review.
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