Review – Bird Kingdom (Vogelrijk) – Lantaarn Publishers

From Lantaarn Publishers we recently received their new coloringbook ‘Vogelrijk’ (Bird Kingdom) for which we kindly thank them! This coloring book is the successor of ‘Dierenrijk’ (Animal Kingdom) and therefore immediately a favorite of mine. I love detailed designs with a diversity of patterns, so let’s get to work rapidly. [Klik hier voor Nederlands].

Vogelrijk Uitgeverij Lantaarn

First of all, of course, a video of the content.

Information from the publisher:
Fly along and enjoy this collection of beautifully detailed drawings of birds. Bring them all to life with colors: a powerful American sea eagle, a regal swan, a fantastic flamingo, a beautiful red-bellied woodpecker and a lot more! The pages can be taken out of the book to be framed when they’re finished. 

What a beautiful large coloring book this is again, by Lantaarn Publishers. The size is approximately 30 x 30 cm and all designs are printed single-sided. For me being a marker enthusiast that is very conventient!

My first design was colored with markers in 4 shades and the paper is very suitable for that! Obviously it bleeds through, but since the pages are printed single-sided that is no issue.

04 05

With this design I’ve chosen to colorize every small piece seperately. By doing so a very colorful effect is created.

06 07

A nice design to colorize and I’m very pleased with the result. I’ve been thinking of coloring the background, but I’m afraid I will then ruin it all.

01 02

For the second design I started coloring more in general parts, this gives a whole other effect to it. This one was also colored with markers, because for me that works best.


Bird Kingdom is a very nice coloring book in my opinion! The drawings can be taken out, thanks to a perforation. This way you can frame them and hang them. Great for making your own artwork. And very nice as well to give away as a present.

Are you as enthusiastic as I am? The coloring book Bird Kingdom is available for € 12,50 through, and

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