Review – Wonders of the World from dot to dot – Karakter Publishers

We received a review copy of “Wereldwonderen van punt naar punt” (Wonders of the world, from dot to dot) from Karakter publishers for which we kindly thank them. Since the adult coloring craze took off, publishers also target on special groups of colorists, like Color by numbers or Dot-to-Dot books. For this last group this is a beautiful new book. [Klik hier voor Nederlands]

Wereldwonderen kaft

This is a well designed, big sized (30×30 cm) edition on nice white high quality paper and filled with 50 images of well known places around the world. In the back there are photos of all those places with information about their history, which is nice and educating.

Working in a book like this was a first for me. Therefore I was rather curious about how I would like it. I did two images, I connected the dots and colorized them afterwards.

The first one was Stonehenge, which looked like this after I connected the dots with a Staedtler Minerva HB2 pencil. I deliberately drew the line loosely and did not use a ruler because I think the result would have looked unnatural.

Wereldwonderen Stonehenge leeg

After this I colorized the picture with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pastel pencils. To me these seemed suitable for this subject. They did fine, the pigment stuck well to the paper. This brand of pastel pencils does not leave too much residue, so they are always a pleasure to use. I smoothed the pastel with a paper stump and fixated it with Edding fixation spray.

Wereldwonderen Stonehenge pastel

The second one is the Itsukushima Shinto temple in Japan which looked like this after I had connected the dots (using the same pencil as before):

Wereldwonderen Japan leeg

I colorized this one with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils. They performed excellent on this paper and blending with a blender pencil did fine too. I was somewhat afraid that the drawn pencil lines would smudge, but that was almost never the case. Personally I am sorry to see that the numbers remain visible. When coloring in the Stonehenge picture this did not bother me as much as it did with this one. I think it makes for a somewhat messy impression. But then again, I guess this is just part of the deal when it comes to this kind of books.

Wereldwonderen Japan potlood

All in all a beautiful, big sized publication on excellent paper. It’s fun to watch how an image appears when you connect the dots. This is a nice addition for the lover of this kind of books.

Are you infected by Leo’s enthusiasm and would you too like to start working in this book? Then click here and you can order it for €14,99.

We thank Leo for his time and effort in writing this review.
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This review contains  products that are sent to us by a publisher or company. This however does not reflect on our opinion in any way.

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