Review – Tangled Treasures – BBNC Publishers (NL edition)

We received a review copy of “Tangle Schatten” (Tangled Treasures) from BBNC publishers, for which we kindly thank them. The cover is delightful to the eye and its content does not disappoint in any way. There is a huge amount of pictures to color and it’s printed on nice, sturdy and white paper. [Klik hier voor Nederlands]
Tangle Schatten KaftTangled Treasures

In the first section of the book there are several pages on which various coloring techniques are explained. A beautiful color wheel is also included. In the back of the book there are several pages on which you can try out these coloring techniques for yourself. There are also some bookmarks to color and cut out. All fun stuff. The book is sturdy bound and can be spread out flat well. All pages have a perforated side so you can take them out of the book.

I colored two pictures. The first one I did with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils.Tangle Schatten potlood

I like how bright this picure has turned out. The pencils performed excellent which is of course in part due to the Polychromos themselves, but the paper certainly helps. I did not use a blender pencil but blended with the colored pencils themselves. I doubted whether or not to color the background, but decided against it in the end. I liked the freshness of the white in the background.

Then I colored one with Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils:Tangle Schatten Pastel

This one was also fun to do. I noticed that the smudging of the pastel with a paper stump went somewhat rough and the result was not as even as I would have liked. Somehow this has to do with the paper, because normally this does not happen with these pencils.

Nevertheless, in my opinion this is a nice, beautifully designed book with many appealing pictures. Very suitable for coloring with colored pencils.

Do you feel eager to start coloring in this nice book? Click here to buy your Dutch copy for €12,50 or here to buy the English version for € 13,04.

We thank Leo for his time and effort in writing this review.
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